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ePOPS (Electronic Policies, Order Sets, Procedures and Standards) is our NEW website for BC Children's and Women's clinical support documents.

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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Resources

Please check regularly for updates

C&W COVID-19 Education: Staying Safe On Campus During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Please complete the C&W COVID Curriculum on the Learning Hub

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COVID-19 Patient And Support Persons Screening

Entrance Screening

     BCCH Emergency Department


Screening Tools

Note: The following COVID-19 Screening Tools are in alignment with the COVID-19: Patient And Visitor Screening Protocol & Screening Tools (21 Jul 2020)  and have been approved for use by CW Policy Office. Any screening tools specific to an area must be approved by CW Policy Office. Choose the tool that best matches the workflow.  Each patient, caregiver and support person (as deemed essential) is required to be screened.


Physical (Social) Distancing

Personal Protective Equipment

     Donning/Doffing PPE: Droplet & Contact and Airborne Precautions (Includes Aerosol-Generating Medical Procedures)

Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP)

Physical Barriers


BC Children's Hospital
BC Women's Hospital + Health Centre
Critical Care

BC Children's Emergency Department Visitor Restrictions - Legal Size

Overview Documents

CW Mask Use Policy

General PPE Education & Training

PPE Best Practice Support Bundle
Elastomeric Half Face Respirator Education & Training

Children with Immuno Suppression

COVID-19 for Health Care Professionals

COVID-19 for Health Care Professionals

Listed from newest to oldest

  1. Practice Update Provincial Signage for Aerosol Generating Procedures 22 Jun 2021
  2. Practice Update Elastomeric Half Face Respirator Use 18 May 2021
  3. Practice Update CW COVID-19 Patient Flow and Management 11 May 2021
  4. Practice Update Supporting PPE Best Practice 9 Feb 2021
  5. Practice Update COVID-19 PPE Use – Application of PPE Emergency Prioritization Policy 9 Feb 2021
  6. Practice Update Support and Mobility for Women in Labour During COVID-19 Pandemic 26 Jan 2020
  7. Practice Update CW Visitor Restrictions Policy 26 Jan 2020
  8. Practice Update CW Mask Use in Health Care Facilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic FAQ 22 Dec 2020
  9. Practice Update Standard Work: Cleaning of Non-Critical Shared Equipment 8 Dec 2020
  10. Practice Update Donning and Doffing PPE Peer Observation Tool 8 Dec 2020
  11. Practice Update COVID-19: PPE Use - Application Of PPE Emergency Prioritization Policy 17 Nov 2020
  12. Practice Update COVID-19: Entrance Screening Protocol 17 Nov 2020
  13. Practice Update COVID-19: BC Children's Hospital Emergency Department (ED) Screening Script 17 Nov 2020
  14. Practice Update COVID-19: Isolation Precaution Rooms: Delivery and Pick Up of Meals 17 Nov 2020
  15. Practice Update COVID-19: Patient Transfer/ Transport 17 Nov 2020
  16. Practice Update COVID-19: Dress Code Policy 17 Nov 2020
  17. Practice Update CW COVID-19 Simulation Guidelines: Restoration Of Services17 Nov 2020
  18. Practice Update CW COVID-19 Education Guidelines: Clinical Education 17 Nov 2020
  19. Practice Update N95 Mask Collection 22 Sept

  20. Practice Update Covid-19 Screening and Testing Algorithm‎ 22 Sept 
  21. Practice Update COVID-19 Case and Outbreak Management Procedures 18 Aug
  22. Practice Update SARS-COV-2 Serology Request Form: For evaluation of possible Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) 18 Aug 2020
  23. Practice Update COVID-19 Patient & Visitor Screening Tools 21 Jul 2020
  24. Practice Update Maternal Newborn Program Obstetric and Newborn FLOWS  24 Jun 2020
  25. Practice Update COVID-19 Patient & Visitor Screening Protocol & Screening Tools 16 Jun 2020
  26. Practice Update Patient Transport Procedure 2 Jun 2020
  27. Practice Update COVID-19 Screening Tools 27 May 2020
  28. Practice Update Elastomeric Half Facepiece Respirators 14 May 2020
  29. Practice Update PPE Skin Care Resource 13 May 2020
  30. Practice Update Newborn Delivery Management When Mother is Covid-19 Positive, PUI or COVID-19 Contact 8 May 2020
  31. Practice Update BCWH Surgical Screening Algorithm 7 May 2020
  32. Practice Update BCWH COVID-19: Support And Mobility For Women In Labour 6 May 2020
  33. Practice Update Use of Personally Purchased PPE 4 May 2020
  34. Practice Update: BCWH: COVID +ve Surgical Patient Decision Algorithm 4 May 2020
  35. Practice Update BCWH: COVID-19 Suspect +ve Patient Testing Process for Outpatients 4 May 2020
  36. Practice Update BCWH: Pathway for Gyne (Wednesday)/CARE (Friday) Surgical Patient (with COVID-19) Upon Arrival 4 May
  37. Practice Update BCWH: Pathway for Scheduled Obstetrical Surgical Patient (with COVID-19) Upon Arrival 4 May 2020
  38. Practice Update BCWH: Surgical Patient Screening Call Instructions for COVID-19 4 May 2020
  39. Practice Update Obstetrical FLOW Management of COVID+ or PUI Patient 2 May 2020
  40. Practice Update BCWH COVID-19: Peri-Operative Management of Gynecology Patient  1 May 2020
  41. Practice Update BCWH Surgical Management of Obstetric Patient 30 Apr 2020
  42. Practice Update BCWH Detailed Flow Intra Operative Care of COVID+ or PUI Surgical Patient Room Preparation 30 Apr 2020
  43. Practice Update Regional Guideline: Intubation Of Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19 Pediatric Patient 27 Apr 2020
  44. Practice Update High Flow Oxygen via Nasal Cannula 24 Apr 2020
  45. Practice Update COVID-19: PPE Use - Application of PPE Prioritization Framework 24 Apr 2020
  46. Practice Update Escalation of Care: Emergency Transfers out of BCWH (Interim Procedure) 21 Apr 2020
  47. Practice Update COVID-19: Patient Transfer/Transport Procedure 21 Apr 2020
  48. Practice Update COVID-19: Management of Severe Respiratory Illness in Pediatric Patients 20 Apr 2020
  49. Practice Update Testing Mothers and Infants for COVID-19 18 Apr 2020
  50. Practice Update Intubation of Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19 Patient 17 Apr 2020
  51. Practice Update In-Person Staff Steps & Script for COVID-19 for Ambulatory Clinic Clerks and Medical Office Assistants 17 Apr 2020
  52. Practice Update Telephone Staff Steps & Script for COVID-19 for Ambulatory Clinic Clerks and Medical Office Assistants 17 Apr 2020
  53. Practice Update COVID-19: Dress Code Policy 16 Apr 2020
  54. Practice Update Management of the Infant Confirmed, Suspect/Patient Under Investigation or Contact to COVID-19 16 Apr 
  55. Practice Update Care for the Infant of Mothers Who Are COVID-19 Positive Algorithm 15 Apr 2020
  56. Practice Update Testing Mothers and Infants for COVID-19 15 Apr 2020
  57. Practice Update COVID-19 Compassionate Family Presence at End of Life, Death or Pregnancy Loss 14 Apr 2020
  58. Practice Update COVID-19 Doffing (Taking Off) PPE Peer Checklist 9 Apr 2020
  59. Practice Update COVID-19: Patient’s Own Medications 9 Apr 2020
  60. Practice Update COVID-19 Newborn Delivery Management when Mother is COVID-19 Positive or PUI 8 Apr 2020
  61. Practice Update Elastomeric Half Facepiece Respirator Use 7 Apr 2020
  62. Practice Update Standard Work Single Use Reusable Eye Protection 7 Apr 2020
  63. Practice Update BCWH COVID-19 Information for patients and families - Patient Letter Email Script 6 Apr 2020
  64. Practice Update BCWH COVID-19 Information for Patients and Families FAQ 6 Apr 2020
  65. Practice Update C&W Adult Code Blue Events Policy 3 Apr 2020
  66. Practice Update C&W COVID-19 Patient and Support Person Screening Tool 3 Apr 2020
  67. Practice Update BCCH Who To Contact After Your Child's Surgery 3 Apr 2020
  68. Practice Update FAQ for Patients and Families 1 Apr 2020
  69. Practice Update COVID-19 Dress Code 1 Apr 2020
  70. Practice Update COVID 19 Positive and Presumed positive CPR Protocol for Children 1 Apr 2020
  71. Practice Update COVID-19 Ethical Analysis 1 Apr 2020
  72. Practice Update COVID-19 Prioritization Framework 28 Mar 2020
  73. Practice Update C&W Visitor Restriction Policy 28 Mar 2020
  74. Practice Update Cleaning & Accessing Water Coolers 27 Mar 2020
  75. Practice Update Goggle Cleaning for Re-Use 27 Mar 2020
  76. Practice Update Physical (Social) Distancing at Work 26 Mar 2020
  77. Practice Update COVID-19 Guideline for AGMPs Only: Personal Protective Equipment Donning & Doffing 26 Mar 2020
  78. Practice Update All Inpatients Unit Isolation Precaution Rooms Delivery and Pick Up of Meals 25 Mar 2020
  79. Practice Update COVID-19 Screening and Testing Algorithm 24 Mar 2020
  80. Practice Update COVID-19 Newborn Delivery Management when Mother is COVID-19 Positive or PUI 20 Mar 2020
  81. Practice Update Donning and Doffing of PPE 18 Mar 2020
  82. Practice Update COVID-19 and Breastfeeding 19 Mar 2020
  83. Practice Update COVID-19 Reference Tool 19 Mar 2020

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